Arts & Culture


To take advantage of living in one of the cultural capitals of the world by offering events with a flair for the things that make New York City unique. Visits to art galleries, theater performances, lectures, wine¬≠tastings, museums, lectures, books talks, historical and other cultural events are what this committee is about. If you love living in the world’s best purveyor of culture join and help us discover more of what New York has to show us!


The Arts & Culture committee will be responsible for planning all events related to arts & culture for the PennNYC group. We encourage creative, innovative and socially conscious programming ideas. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall Harvest Wine Tasting
  • Bourbon & Jazz Night
  • Art Tour - Shady Ladies of the Metropolitan Museum (link)

Past Events:

  • On Human Flourishing, an Intimate Book Talk
  • Art Crawl
  • Gowanus Open Studios Weekend: Hosted Gallery Tour & Lunch 
  • Institute of Culinary Education Wine Night
  • Outward Bound The Amateur Comedy Club
  • TheaterMania PennNYC Membership Ongoing Opportunity
  • Rocking the Red & Blue with the Rockettes
  • Private Green Market Tour & Cooking Class
  • Museum of Chinese in America Tour & Dinner  



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