Provide Quakers with the educational resources, networking opportunities, and technical advice to enhance their careers and achieve their future business goals.


The Careers Committee supports the career development of PennNYC members through two primary means: education and networking. Members’ career knowledge will be heightened through the committee’s mentorship program, online resources, panels, and training-focused workshops. Members will also be provided networking opportunities through planned social events and industry-specific contacts. Our overall goal is to improve members’ business savvy and help them achieve a professional edge.

Please also visit the QuakerNet official website for Alumni Resources. There you can find several useful links. presentations, and networking tips. You can also set-up an appointment directly with a careers counselor from QuakerNet. 

PennNYC Careers Committee members Emma Zhao and Erik Hummel offer helpful guidance on how best to leverage the Penn Alumni network to find your next career opportunity! Check out their Alumni Outreach Tips here.

Alumni Resources


  • Chair: Francois-Xavier Rouffiac
  • Vice Chair: Open 
    • The Vice Chair provides oversight and general support to the other chair positions. In addition, the Vice Chair serves as the general point of contact for PennNYC members interested in the Career Committee. 
  • Events Chair: Open
    • The Events Chair is responsible for planning and hosting career-focused events. The Events chair is also responsible for updating the events calendar and the committee’s publicity.
  • Development Chair: Open
    • The Development Chair is responsible for providing and maintaining educational resources available to PennNYC members on the website and during training events.
  • Mentorship Chair: Open
    • The Mentorship Chair will lead the committee’s mentorship program, including recruiting mentors, pairing mentees, and providing mentorship events and training.


Francois-Xavier Rouffiac at