1. How do I get involved with PennNYC?

    Great question! Check out this page for more information on how you can get involved.

  2. How many members are there in PennNYC?

    Currently we have over 2,000 people on our newsletter, 200 volunteers, and 10 dedicated executive board members. We host on average 10-15 events per month with an average attendance of approximately 20 people per event. Join PennNYC now to be part of this growing community!

  3. Is there a difference between PennNYC and the Penn Club of NY? 

    PennNYC is the official NYC alumni organization of Penn, serving 40,000+ Quakers in New York City. We are directly affiliated with Penn Alumni Relations and are part of the Alumni Regional Clubs Program, a network of over 130 alumni clubs worldwide. We provide engaging social, professional, educational, cultural, and community service activities that allow alumni to remain connected to both Penn and our local NYC Alumni Community.
    The Penn Club of New York is a private social clubhouse that charges annual dues, plus initiation fees. It offers elegant facilities and services such as entertaining clients with gourmet dining to relaxing with a massage. The club does not operate as part of The University of Pennsylvania but it does partner with Penn on several events and programs. For more information on joining, visit their website